Have your say: Will you call police if neighbours breach COVID rules at Christmas?

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer
·1-min read

With the announcement from Boris Johnson that a relaxation of COVID rules at Christmas will remain, families are getting ready to share a few days together.

However, there are still tight regulations about how many households can mix and the days where rules are relaxed fall strictly between 23 and 27 December.

Home secretary Priti Patel was questioned about the guidance this morning – and insisted she would inform the police if she saw people breaching coronavirus laws over Christmas.

Asked if she would advise the public to report breaches over the festive period, she told BBC Breakfast: “Any individual that saw any laws being broken would take that upon themselves.

“If I saw somebody flouting coronavirus regulations and the laws, of course I would look to inform the police about that.

“The public are part of this... we do see the public and the police working together.”

Patel denied that police would lessen their enforcement of coronavirus laws over Christmas, adding: “Nothing will change in terms of enforcement of coronavirus laws and regulations.”

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