Craig David sets out 'intentions' for the day

Craig David sets out his "intentions" for the day every morning.

The 'When You Know What Love Is' hitmaker has revealed he starts off every day laying out his goals and what he is "grateful" for.

Explaining his morning routine, he shared: "My phone wakes me up, then I set my intentions for the day. I think about the things I'm grateful for - my friends and family, and being healthy. I put on my dressing gown - I was given it by a hotel and love the texture - and drink a 1.5 litre bottle of water. I'll have a hot shower for five minutes and then 30 seconds of freezing cold. I use Malin + Goetz peppermint shampoo, which I first tried at the Mondrian in LA. I'll go for matcha green tea and a homemade ginger and carrot juice, then plain oats with a couple of drops of stevia - a natural leaf from the Amazon rainforest. I've tried to become more mindful when eating, so I avoid reaching straight for my phone."

And the 38-year-old singer allocates time every day to speak to fans.

He added: "I live alone, but have a lovely housekeeper who is an incredible chef, so I don't even need to ask what we're having for lunch. She recently did a shepherd's pie with sweet potato. Then, I'll go on to my laptop and respond to tweets and Instagram messages."

The '7 Days' star has a studio in his home for late night inspiration.

He shared to The Telegraph Magazine: "Then I watch a film such as the sci-fi Passengers in my open-plan living room, with Lavolio's Nutty Forest for snacks.

"If I feel super-inspired off the back of the film, I go into the studio and write some music. I spend the rest of the night recording in my studio and somehow it ends up being 1am. I do 45 minutes of silent meditation, then have a shower and head straight to bed."