Chemist Warehouse detail in store confuses shoppers: 'That's new'

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A customer has raised the alarm about a confusing detail on a shelf at a Chemist Warehouse store in Brisbane.

The shopper said they were surprised to find what appears to be 'micro-cameras' installed below a LCD display.

"Has anyone else noticed the micro-cameras in Chemist Warehouse below the LCD signs throughout the store?" a Reddit user posted, alongside a picture of what appears to be a small camera.

"Or am I just being paranoid?"

The shopper noticed the 'camera' underneath an LCD display in a Brisbane Chemist Warehouse. Source: Reddit
The shopper noticed the 'camera' underneath an LCD display in a Brisbane Chemist Warehouse. Source: Reddit

Cameras or motion sensors?

Reddit users were divided over whether or not the object in the photo was a camera or motion sensor — and what its intended purpose was.

"Of course it's a camera!" one person exclaimed. "Their aisles are very narrow and high, hard to police theft without having an employee able to see every space at every time."

"They have a lot of specific and desirable items on their shelves and I could imagine theft is a massive issue they deal with yearly," another person said. "It would absolutely expect them to have camera like these in-store."

"That's new to me," another replied. "It's a bit in the face and probably women's cleavage."

Although some users were concerned there could be questionable cameras installed, others pointed out that they are below the LCD monitors and may be linked to that instead.

"Motion sensor to activate the LED sign?" a Reddit user suggested. "I'm just trying to think of any other possible answers because a camera sitting at that level could cause some big privacy issues."

"My fiancé works for Chemist Warehouse and can confirm they are just motion sensors for the LCD screens. Not actual cameras," another person explained.

Others suggested it could be a way for the company to save electricity.

"It's power-saving, some supermarkets have started doing this for the lights in the fridges and freezers too so they aren't on when no one is around," a third person commented.

Several articles from 2018 reported the pharmacy chain was "considering" installing "thousands of sensors" in stores to generate data on consumers' shopping habits.

Yahoo News Australia have reached out to Chemist Warehouse for comment.

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