Cynthia Erivo calls for Oscars rule changes

Cynthia Erivo has called for rule changes at the Academy Awards.

The 33-year-old star - who is up for Best Actress and Best Original Song for 'Harriet' and its theme 'Stand Up' - is the only actor of colour to be shortlisted for this year's ceremony and she thinks there needs to be more alterations to the event in order to promote diversity.

She said: "I think maybe a couple rules need to change. We need diversity across everything... If you can get to the center of it, it can start filtering out."

"It should never just be me in an acting category...I don't want the work of people who are brilliant to go on and be remembered after their gone."

Cynthia portrayed abolitionist Harriet Tubman in the biopic and hopes the political activist - who died in 1913 aged 90 - would be pleased to be back in people's consciousness again.

Asked about what Tubman might think of all the attention, she told 'Extra': "I hope she's smiling wherever she is and knowing that people are learning about her again."

During the ceremony, Cynthia will be performing 'Stand Up' and she's already feeling "emotional" about it.

She said: "I'm actually kind of emotional thinking about it... It just means a lot."

The Oscars take place on 9 February and Cynthia's already got her dress ready.

She said: "We have a fitting for it next week."

And the British star will be joined on the red carpet by a number of women who are close to her.

She said: "I'm taking my mother, my little sister, my best friend, and a woman I call my surrogate mother ;cause she's been really helpful since I've gotten here."