Cynthia Nixon hails And Just Like That... for not making the characters 'look younger'

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Cynthia Nixon feels proud of 'And Just Like That...' for not making the characters "look younger".
The 55-year-old actress has reprised the role of Miranda Hobbes for the 'Sex and the City' revival series, and Cynthia has revealed one of the things that she particularly appreciates about the show.
She shared: "I think we wanted to show that we have aged and that we are not trying to look younger than we are. We are not trying to pretend to be younger than we are.
"We are 55 and that doesn’t mean that there shouldn't be a show about these characters who are also 55."
Cynthia also thinks it's important that women of this demographic are portrayed on screen, as their real-life issues are often overlooked on TV.
She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I just also think that's it's a moment in women's lives where they often do kind of reevaluate where they are.
"If they had kids, maybe those kids are grown or mostly grown. ...Maybe you are saying, 'I think I need to change. There is more behind me than there is left but I am still plenty young enough that I can actually embark on a whole new adventure.'"
Meanwhile, Cynthia recently confessed that 'Sex and the City' was "occasionally tone deaf on race and gender".
Despite this, the actress remains proud of the iconic TV show.
She said: "I'm very proud of the original series - despite it being occasionally tone deaf on race and gender - and being Miranda has opened up so many amazing roles for me over the years, but the further I get away from Miranda, the better they get, because people have stopped thinking of me as just that one character.
"But 'Sex and the City' gave me an adult career. And I'll always be grateful for that."

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