D'Lo Brown hints at Impact Wrestling UK dates in 2020

D'Lo Brown reveals Impact Wrestling has discussed plans to return to the UK in 2020.
The 47-year-old star - who returned to the company over the summer as a producer helping the current roster put together their matches - heaped praise on the British fans as he admitted he is desperate to reward their loyalty with live events next year.
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "There have been talks. I look forward to coming back to the UK. The UK fans are some of the most incredible wrestling fans that there are.
"I've always loved performing for them and producing for them, and the UK fans have a great appetite for pro wrestling. It's amazing how much you consume.
"So I definitely hope in 2020, Impact gets back over to the UK. I miss it there, and I know my roster feels the same way."
Impact Wrestling has had something of a revival over the past few years, which is reflected in the company's upcoming event 'Hard To Kill' on January 12 in Dallas, Texas, which will be headlined by Sami Callihan defending the world championship against Tessa Blanchard.
Looking back at the ups and downs in their history, D'Lo said: "I will say this - there has never been a more appropriate title for a pay-per-view for a wrestling company than 'Hard To Kill'.
"If that does not embody, encapsulate and put on blast that Impact Wrestling is hard to kill - when you've got people like Tessa, Sami, Ken Shamrock, Brian Cage, it's pretty cool to be along for the ride."
For Brown - who enjoyed stints with Impact under the TNA Wrestling banner from 2003 to 2004, and another four year spell until 2013 - the unity shown in the locker room has been a big part of the company's continued success.
After admitting the whole roster gathers to cheer and boo along backstage as the show rolls on, he added: "We're all, deep in our core, that 11 year old kid who just saw wrestling for the first time on TV. That's why we got involved in it, that's why we pursue it. That's why we tried to excel in what we do.
"Every time we go to do a show, you get to see those young fans who have now grown up to be performers. Right now, I'm getting flutters in my chest. I enjoy being around this roster so much."
And despite a crowded worldwide scene, D'Lo is proud of how Impact Wrestling is still a real force to be reckoned with.
He said: "Impact is trying to live its best life, and be its own entity. I understand there's a tonne of options in the wrestling world right now. We're not trying to stand out, we just do stand out."

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