Dad brutally beaten to death protecting teen son after school fight

Christopher Wright, 43, was confronted outside his home by a group searching for his teenage son.

A man has been beaten to death after three teens and two adults approached his home looking for his 14-year-son, eager to finish a fight which started earlier in the day at school.

Christopher Wright, 43, was confronted by the group on Friday in Maryland, US, and reportedly refused them access to the teenager who was inside their home, WBAL-TV reports.

"Chris came out to tell them, he's not coming out here to fight, and they threatened at one point to come in and get him," Tracy Karopchinsky, Mr Wright's partner, told 11 News.

Left, Christopher Wright, who was beaten to death, can be seen smiling to the camera wearing a baseball cap. Right, Chris can be seen with his partner and their three sons.
Christopher Wright was beaten to death by a group of teens and adults who approached his home searching for his 14-year-old son. Source: Facebook/ChrisWright

"Then they said, 'If he's not going to fight, then you're going to fight'."

Mr Wright was attacked by the group and rushed to hospital where he died from a traumatic brain injury on Saturday. "Just looking at the damage that was done to him, that wasn't just punching that did that ... the damage was done before the ambulance ever took him away. I mean, he'd had a seizure," Ms Karopchinsky said.

Mr Wright can be seen wearing a baseball cap and orange tshirt while Ms Karopchinsky rests her chin against his shoulder.
Mr Wright's partner Tracey Karopchinsky said he suffered a seizure after the attack and the 'damage was done' before emergency first responders arrived. Source: Facebook/Tracy Karopchinsky

Incident caught on security camera

The attack was captured on the victim's security cameras as well as CCTV from neighbouring properties, with the footage too traumatic for his devastated partner to watch.

"My dad and I tried to go onto the camera to look, and the first video that comes up is my 12-year-old son screaming, 'Daddy, daddy, daddy,' and running out of the house," Ms Karopchinsky said.

The school had worked to address the issue after the fight, and are now working with police after the attack on Mr Wright.

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