Dakota Johnson: 'It's healthy to have access to quality sexual-wellness products'

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Dakota Johnson wants everyone to have access to "quality sexual-wellness products".
The 32-year-old actress is an investor and co-creative director of sexual-wellness brand Maude and Dakota - who is dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - believes that sexual-wellness is an important part of self-care.
Speaking to Elle UK, she explained: "When the founder, Éva Goicochea, and I met, I was like, This is exactly how I think about this – which is to say that products should be inclusive and straightforward, clean and approachable. If you love having a giant pink dildo, all power to you. That’s not my vibe – ha! Vibe. But I think it’s healthy to have access to quality sexual-wellness products."
Dakota is involved in the development of all products from the company and revealed she has even started dreaming about butt plugs.
She said: "I’m just remembering that I had a dream about our butt plug last night. We were looking at the [prototypes], and one was too big. In my dream it [was too big] and I was like, 'No one’s going to be able to fit that in their butt!'"
Dakota explained that she believes the dream was a sign of her desire to help people discover "what the most pleasurable and chic and quality experience can be".
Speaking previously about how she got involved with the company, Dakota said: "I had heard whispers of Maude through some mutual friends that Eva and I have, and was always intrigued and impressed by the company. When the idea of a formal partnership was brought to me, Eva and I met over FaceTime because she was in NY and I was in LA, and even through a little screen it was immediately a no brainer. Our synergy was instantaneous, our core beliefs around the brand mission aligned, our dreams are mighty, and we just really like each other.
"The sexual wellness industry has been owned by the same legacy companies for 100 years. The conversation is outdated and not conducive to contemporary humans. Customers usually face exclusively male or female focused product, or it is about being 'naughty' or 'raunchy' etc. Sexual wellness is self-care. To me, taking care of your body in a sexual way should be the same as taking care of your body in terms of nutrients, skincare, exercise, etc. Sex is important and special, and should be treated as such."

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