Dame Emma Thompson admits being nude at 62 was 'very challenging'

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Dame Emma Thompson thinks women still face "dreadful demands" to look a certain way.
The 63-year-old actress stripped naked for her new film, 'Good Luck To You', but she admits that it was a "very challenging" experience for her.
Asked about the stripping off for the movie, Emma shared: "Oh, God. Well, it’s very challenging to be nude at 62.
"Especially in a world where nothing has changed in the dreadful demands made on women to look a certain way. It’s something I’ve been thinking about writing on since I was in my 20s, and the young female actors I speak to now still suggest there’s the same thing going on, a sort of tyranny to make women lose their self-confidence.
"It was very interesting to me, because I realised that if I’m not near any mirrors and I look down at my body, it looks fine. I can see my toes and it doesn’t look horrible.
"But as soon as I look in a mirror, I see nothing but flaws. It was definitely an interesting thing to experiment with."
Emma stars in the movie alongside Daryl McCormack - who plays sex worker Leo Grande - and she felt relieved that they developed such a strong bond during the course of the shoot.
The acclaimed actress told the Daily Mail newspaper's Weekend magazine: "Chemistry’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Daryl won’t mind me saying he wasn’t the only actor we saw, but there was something about him.
"He and I went for a long walk on Hampstead Heath, which was very muddy at the time, and ended up just sliding about and sniggering. It was important to find out that we could just hold onto each other and laugh - in a way it was kind of emblematic of the whole film, because that was really what we did for the entire time."

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