Dame Judi Dench plants trees to remember friends who have died

Dame Judi Dench plants trees to remember friends who have died.
The 'Skyfall' star has felt a strong love for nature since childhood and she has now revealed she adds another tree to her garden every time she loses a loved one as her own special way of remembering them.
She made the revelation in an episode of BBC One TV show 'Countryfile' which she was guest-editing, explaining: "I have a lot of famous people in my garden."
In the show - due to be screened on Sunday (03.09.23) - Judi added that her passion for trees has been with her since she was young, saying: "As a child I used to get irrationally upset to see long lorries with huge trees on. I can't explain that. I still don't like seeing trees being felled."
She added: "I think suddenly now there is an awareness that we need to preserve nature. It’s really important that we spread the word. People’s attitude towards looking after the country is stronger now and is changing. We’re made more aware of what we destroy and what we must preserve. We are now more aware of plastic and what harm it does in the sea. Hopefully, it will become a lot more focused. Just look at all that we have. We simply cannot destroy it.”
Judi filmed parts of the show in Scotland and she recalled going there on camping trips with her late husband Michael Williams and their daughter Finty.
She said: "Michael, Finty and I used to go camping a lot. He’d scare the wits out of us. Finty and I would get into our sleeping bags, he’d have his quiet vodka and then read us ghost stories, frightened the wits out of us."
The actress also revealed how she felt excited about filming parts of James Bond movie 'Skyfall' in Scotland but was disappointed when she only got to spend one day there.
She explained: “[Co-star] Albert Finney and I thought we were going to Scotland for two weeks for 'Skyfall'. We got intensely excited. We flew up at 7.30pm and were in Glencoe at 5.30am the next morning ... and were back on a plane that evening. It was just a question of standing there with the car and Daniel Craig – just looking – then back into the car. But we did see a bit of Glencoe."