Dancing With the Stars' Julie Goodwin leaves fans heartbroken with 'sad news': 'Extremely painful'

"Oh Julie, I was looking forward to watching you dance tonight," one Dancing With the Stars fan wrote online.

Dancing With the Stars contestant Julie Goodwin injures herself
Dancing With the Stars' fans were left heartbroken after Julie Goodwin was unable to compete on Sunday night. Photo: Seven

Dancing With the Stars fans were left heartbroken on Sunday night after Julie Goodwin was unable to compete due to an injury. Host Sonia Kruger revealed the 'sad news' to viewers, saying, "Unfortunately, we do have some sad news. Julie and Andrey won't be dancing for us tonight, as Julie has suffered an injury at a recent training session."

Dr Chris Brown added that there were cameras at the rehearsal, and viewers could see how the incident happened. Julie appears to have hurt herself after taking a large step and then lifting her right foot in the air, and the former MasterChef star is clearly in pain immediately after.


Andrey Gorbunov, Julie's dance partner, held her up as she struggled to stand. The video then showed the pair at the hospital.

Julie is seen unable to point her toes down, with the doctor telling her she's likely torn her calf muscle.

"We need you to stay off that calf, so we can give you every opportunity to be dancing as quickly as possible," the doctor adds.

"It's going to be alright, we're going to be alright," Julie tells Andrey. "We'll bedazzle a moon boot, and away we'll go."

Fans took to Instagram to share their well wishes with Julie, with one person writing, "That looked extremely painful. Take care. Look forward to seeing you when you’ve healed."

"Oh Julie I was looking forward to watching you dance tonight," another said. "Disappointed, but recovery is priority. Sending love your way and looking forward to hopefully seeing you out on the dance floor in a couple weeks. Fast and speedy recovery legend."


"Ouch 😢😢 wishing you a speedy recovery," a third added.

"I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that by the next broadcast you will feel better," someone else said.

"Oh Julie - I’m devastated for you. Rest up and heal well. Your recovery is what matters most now. Take care," another said.

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