Daniel Craig emotional about Bond

Daniel Craig is "incredibly emotional" about his time playing James Bond.

The 52-year-old actor - who portrays 007 for the final time in the upcoming 'No Time To Die' - admitted his 14-year stint playing the iconic spy has been "massive" for the character.

Speaking before a special screening of his first Bond film, 2006's 'Casino Royale' at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), he said: "Looking back at what we've done, it's been incredibly emotional because it's massive.

"I knew we had a good movie when we were making it but I sort of squared away with myself; that if it was a swing and a miss, it was a swing and a miss."

Daniel reflected on the way he got to redefine the character, who was previously played by the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore, and find a way to give the stories "emotion" to make them "connectable" to viewers without being predictable.

He said: "Clearly [Bond] is someone who is suave and sophisticated, but I knew that he couldn't suave and sophisticated in the beginning because I was given this chance to start again.

""To say 'The names Bond, James Bond,' it's like I don't have to tell you to do that. It's got to mean something. Otherwise it's just a repeat of something someone else has done and that was a discovery that I was still discovering up until this last movie.

"We know that the world needs saving in the beginning of a Bond movie and we're pretty sure that the world is going to get saved at the end a Bond movie. So what happens in-between? Is there a moment where we're in doubt of this man? In doubt of his character? In doubt of his safety? In doubt of his personal life? Any of these things.

"If you can load the movie up with those things, then maybe the movie would elevate and become something that's a bit more emotional and a bit more connectable."

Daniel is "immensely proud" of his final Bond movie and promised the film won't leave any loose ends.

He said: "It's now my last movie and we connected all the dots and we've answered all the questions."