Daniel Dae Kim praises anti-malarial drug in coronavirus recovery

Daniel Dae Kim believes an anti-malarial drug was key to his recovery from coronavirus.

The 51-year-old actor revealed last week he'd contracted the disease and he's now praised hydroxychloroquine as being "critical" in his treatment because he's feeling "practically back to normal".

Speaking in an Instagram video he shared at the weekend, he said: "Yes, this is the drug that the President mentioned the other day."

He noted that Dr. Anthony Fauci had cautioned stories of the success of the drug in combating the virus were only "based on personal accounts."

He added: "Well, add my name to those personal accounts, because I am feeling better..

"I won't say this is a cure and I won't say definitively that you should go out and use it, but what I will say is that I believe it was crucial to my recovery.

"Obviously I am not a doctor, nor am I a lawyer -- though I have played them on TV."

The former 'Lost' star revealed his quarantine could end on Monday (23.03.20).

However, he said that "for peace of mind" he would "love to be" tested again, but "there just aren't enough tests."

He added: "This continues to be a serious problem in our country.

"This mystifies me considering we had a several month head-start in preparing for this outbreak."

Fortunately the 'Hawaii Five-O' star - who has two children with wife Mia - revealed the rest of his household had remained "symptom-free" and didn't appear to have contracted the disease, but were feeling the effects of being self-quarantined.

He quipped: "They're just bored, like the rest of us."

Daniel previously volunteered to donate antibodies to help those trying to produce a vaccine against the respiratory disease.

He said: "With any luck, I will have actually built up an immunity to this virus when all of this is said and done. So I may not actually need the vaccine when it comes out.

"I hope it does soon though, and I will gladly contribute in any way I can, including donating antibodies in the pursuit of finding a vaccine for everyone."