Danniella Westbrook asks husband for divorce on his birthday

Danniella Westbrook has asked her estranged husband for a divorce on his birthday.

The 45-year-old actress split from Kevin Jenkins in 2014 after 13 years of marriage and on his birthday on Friday (23.08.19), Danniella took to Twitter to share that she has been asking him to make their split official for the past five years.

Danniella tweeted: "Happy birthday to My Husband off nearly 19 years Kevin Jenkins . Hope you have the most amazing birthday weekend KJ But after 5 years of asking please let me give you this GIFT . #DontAskDontGet #MrTA (sic)."

She also shared a video, where she said: "So it's the 23rd of August, which can only mean one thing. A very, very happy birthday to my darling husband Kevin. And I have the perfect present for you. How about we get a divorce?"

She later tweeted: "After 19 years and his constant cheating &him miraculously now suddenly broke after selling his company for millions I think ok to ask for a divorce after 5 years of separating and asking for 1 . I don't want and never have wanted money or a house or car just the paper signed (sic)."

And she retweeted a message from her friend Chelsey Harwood, which read: "naughty naughty naughty D.I.V.O.R.C.E. hes probably hoping you meet with an accident and gets your royalties let's get lesbian married after all these years of being the wifey (sic)."

Danniella and Kevin have daughter Jody, 17, together and she also has son Kai, 22, with Robert Fernandez.

Earlier this year, Danniella - who has struggled with drug addiction for several years - revealed she hadn't spoken to Jody in three years, as she was dealing with her addictions and an online stalker.

But after being diagnosed with womb cancer, Danniella revealed she wanted to get back in touch with Jody, especially as she didn't know what her long-term prognosis is.

She said: "Jody is with her dad and that's just a whole different issue because of different things but the stalker did play a huge part in that for her own safety. I haven't spoken to Jody for three years. She's 17, she's gorgeous. Look, it's very difficult, especially since I've been ill. Jody is doing her life and she's doing very well, she's done brilliantly at school and now she's in college and she's doing great, and her dad is a great dad and he's doing what's best for her, right now. It's probably a safer and much better environment for her whilst I've got all this stuff going on, with trials and different things and being ill, she should be there right now."