Danny Trejo celebrating 55 years sober

Danny Trejo is celebrating 55 years "clean and sober".
The 79-year-old actor has been sober since 1969 and took to Twitter on Wednesday (23.08.23) to celebrate the momentous anniversary.
He posted a smiling picture of himself and wrote: "I'm 55 years clean and sober today by the grace of God! I've done this one day at a time, and for anyone out there struggling YOU CAN TOO!"
Danny - who grew up in a troubled home in Pacoima, California - spent more than a decade in and out of prison for armed robberies and drug-related offences in his youth.
After hitting a prison guard in the head with a rock while trying to throw it at other inmates, he was warned he could face the death penalty for attempted murder.
Danny previously told The Guardian: "I was throwing it at a group of guys and he happened to be hit.
"So we all had gas-chamber offences, and we were taken to the hole and I remember saying: 'God, if you're there, everything will turn out the way it's supposed to. If you're not, I'm f*****.'"
Danny's prayers were answered and the case was dropped, leading him to turn over a new leaf.
Meanwhile, he recently offered to pay $800,000 per year for the next five years to settle his debts.
The 'Spy Kids' actor filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, listing $2.2 million in assets and $3.6 million in liabilities, which were largely in back taxes that the star said was caused by the IRS taking improper deductions for years.
And, according to RadarOnline.com, Danny proposed a repayment plan that would see him make payments totalling $800,000 per year until early 2028 as part of his Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is often referred to as “reorganisation bankruptcy”and lets a company stay active while it restructure itself.
Danny's case covers the actor individually, and doesn't include his successful business ventures including stakes in a coffee/donut shop, a taco restaurant, and a record label.
Court records show the 'Desperado' star's monthly income is $165,000 and his expenses over the same period total around $14,000.
The veteran star's assets include a $1.2 million home in Mission Hills, California, and a second property in the state, worth $750,000, in the Pacoima area.
In addition, the 'Machete' actor has a fleet of cars, including a 1942 Chevrolet Master Deluxe worth $10k, a 1976 Cadillac Seville 4D worth $12k, a 1998 Cadillac Eldorado 2d worth $5k, a 2001 Cadillac Eldorado 2D worth $7,500, a 1961 Ford Truck worth $15k, a 2006 Range Rover worth$6k, a 1997 Cadillac Eldorado worth $2k, a 2005 Ford Truck worth $8k, and a 2006 Mercedes Benz worth $12,500, as well as a Harley Davidson motorcycle worth $7,500.