Darcey & Stacey Sneak Peek: Stacey Questions Georgi's 'Intentions' with Darcey amid Latest Hurdle

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Darcey & Stacey Sneak Peek: Stacey Questions Georgi's 'Intentions' with Darcey amid Latest Hurdle

Stacey Silva is going into interrogation mode with twin sister Darcey Silva's ex-fiancé, Georgi Rusev, on Darcey & Stacey.

Darcey, 47, ended her engagement to Georgi in the TLC hit's second season. The pair encountered many hurdles leading up to their split, including the bombshell revelation that Georgi is still legally married to his ex-wife, Octavia.

In PEOPLE's exclusive look at the upcoming Jan. 17 episode, Stacey, 47, and her husband, Florian Sukaj, visit Darcey's apartment to pack up some of her belongings. Darcey has allowed Georgi to remain at the place while she stays at her father's house.

After Georgi lets the couple in, Stacey begins to question Georgi's intentions with Darcey.

"I mean, I don't get it," says Stacey. "What are your intentions with Darcey?"

Georgi says that the former pair are "working on stuff," but Stacey is still skeptical.

"I feel like you're just going to go back to your old ways," she says. "You're going to start fighting and break up days, weeks later. It's like an endless cycle."

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Darcey & Stacey
Darcey & Stacey


Georgi then insists he doesn't want to have a rocky dynamic with Darcey, saying his "intention is not to hurt her."

"My intention is to fix this relationship and to be together," he adds. "We're going to go do couple's counseling because I think it's good to have someone independent [of our situation] to see what we do wrong and try to work on the things [that we're doing wrong]."

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Stacey points out they've "had the opportunity to do therapy before," and questions why Georgi's now "okay" with going to counseling. But Georgi says he has "always" supported the idea of counseling, noting that "it takes two" people to be willing to do it.

Still expressing skepticism, Stacey says the exes are "so up and down."

Darcey & Stacey
Darcey & Stacey


"I don't really know how Darcey deals with this," she says. "I really don't."

Stacey then says "the problem" with Georgi is his failure to "acknowledge" what Stacey goes through with him.

"You're living here [at her apartment] rent-free," says Stacey as Georgi adds, "She asked me to come so we can work on our relationship. I decided to come."

Darcey & Stacey airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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