New dating game where ‘hot dads’ hook up with other dads

Kristine Tarbert

It’s the dad-dating simulator game that’s got us all a little confused.

Dream Daddy pitches itself as ‘this year’s most anticipated dad-based game’ in which the dad you play and his daughter move into a new neighbourhood full of ‘single, dateable dads’.

Sure, helping your dad find a date could be super cute, a chance to bond and make sure you don’t end up with a Cinderella step mum or dad.

Hook up with hot dads. Photo: Stream

But this game gives you only ONE option, to date another dad.

While the dads themselves look varied enough - bearded dad, dad-bod dad, alcoholic dad - what if you don’t want to date another dad.

Well then simply put this game isn’t for you.

There are 7 dateable dads to choose from. Photo: Stream

Your one and only goal is to meet and romance the other hot dads, through mini-games and side-quests, taking you down a variety of paths and endings.

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We can’t help but feel that's such a weirdly specific theme to build an entire game around.

Everyone's favourite bachelor Barney Stinson puts it best.

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We’re sure there are plenty of dads out there that prefer to date other fathers – someone who understands your responsibilities as a parent and has a similar routine.

But to limit your choice to just that; one commenter put it perfectly. What happened to everyone else?

“Why can’t they date other guys? Why can they only date other dads,” the user wrote online. “What happened to all the mums? Did they all die? Did they all run away?”

Build your dad. Photo: Stream

Chocked full of dad puns and secrets – oohh – some will probably still get a good laugh out of this game.

It's hard enough to get a date sometimes without limiting yourself to one very specific type of partner. You have to be open-minded.

But if you love dads - then go for it!

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