My daughter doesn't like playing tennis, says Serena Williams

Serena Williams' daughter "doesn't actually like to play tennis too much".
The 41-year-old tennis legend - who has five-year-old Olympia with her husband Alexis Ohanian - has revealed that her daughter isn't especially keen to follow in her mom's footsteps.
Serena - who retired from the sport in 2022 - told 'Person to Person with Norah O'Donnell': "That's a little disappointing for me, but she's actually really good at it. So we are trying to figure out a way to get her to play a little bit."
The Olympic gold medallist suggested organising "a group lesson" for her daughter as a way of encouraging her to play the sport.
Serena - who is the younger sister of fellow tennis legend Venus Williams - explained: "Maybe I can push her into tennis by getting other kids to have a group lesson, I think that's what I'm gonna do."
The sporting icon announced her retirement from tennis in September.
She confirmed the news via a post on social media, which also featured a photo of herself on the front cover of Vogue magazine.
Serena wrote at the time: "Vogue. September cover issue. There comes a time in life when you have to decide to move in a different direction.That time is always hard when you love something so much. My goodness do I enjoy tennis. But now, the countdown has begun. I have to focus on being a mom, my spiritual goals and finally discovering a different, but just exciting Serena. I'm gonna relish these next few weeks [heart emojis] (sic)"
Prior to that, Serena confessed that she was close to retirement.
She said: "I can't do this forever. So sometimes you just want to try your best to enjoy the moments and do the best that you can."