Dave Coulier: Sobriety helped me grieve

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Dave Coulier thinks that sobriety helped him deal with grief.
The 62-year-old star stopped drinking back in January 2022 and lost his father, Dave his brother, Dan and fellow comedian Bob Saget all around the same time and while he would "joke" that he had picked the wrong time to quit drinking, he actually thinks that he would "never have been able" to grieve properly if he had not quit alcohol.
He said: "I definitely went through the sorrow hat trick, so to speak. My brother took his own life and he was actually the funniest person I've ever known. My brother, Dan. I was the one who found him him at my dad's house down in the basement. A part of me died that day, as well, because I really loved my brother.
"I made jokes to my friends and family and the line was, 'Boy, I sure picked the wrong time in my life to stop drinking.' And people would laugh at that knowing I was sober. And then my father passed away a couple of months ago and I got to say all the of the things that a son could say to his father about how proud I was."
The TV host - whose father Dave died in February whilst his former 'Full House' co-star Bob suffered a fatal head trauma in a hotel room back in January at the age of 65 - went on to explain that because he was sober, there was "nothing masking" the pain of grief and it was a "stark reminder" that he had been robbed of those emotions until quitting the booze.
Speaking on talk show 'Tamron Hall', he added: "I thought to myself after those three lives were gone, I would've never been able to feel all of that if I was drinking and it was really important to me to just feel that sorrow. There was nothing masking that, there were no layers that were covering that up. I thought to myself, 'This is what I should be doing'.
"I should be feeling this pain. I should be feeling this incredible love for these people. With alcohol, I was covering all that up. It was a real stark reminder to me that alcohol had been stealing all of those moments in my life for a long long time."