David Beckham Spent Over $60K On His Outdoor Kitchen And We're A Little Jealous

david beckham outdoor kitchen
Inside David Beckham's $60K Outdoor KitchenWildTable / Netflix

David Beckham's wildly popular new Netflix series, Beckham, is letting fans in on his other hobbies—outside of just soccer and his duties as a total family man. Turns out, the former professional footballer is quite the cook, just like son Brooklyn. And he has the kitchen to show for it.

In the last episode of Beckham, David reveals that he spends most weekends cooking in his £50,000 BBQ tent, which features a 12-seater table and massive grill, the Daily Mail reports. Beckham's seen in the series meticulously frying mushrooms and prepping a roast dinner, while showing off his opulent cooking space.

"On Saturday morning I just potter around this place, it's my escape," he says. "I'm in here from 11 to 9/10 o'clock at night, sometimes later, just grilling! That's all I do, I bring my iPad, watch the football."

The pricey outdoor kitchen was actually designed by famous pal Guy Ritchie's company, The WildKitchen, and features an outdoor grill called The WildTable that Ritchie himself has described as a "brand new way to cook, gather, and eat." According to the outlet, it burns charcoal or wood under a glass lid and funnels the smoke away by a flue. Prices reportedly run between £2,500 for a four-seater to £50,000 for a 12-seater, like the Beckham's.

David's opulent outdoor kitchen also features the WildTent with a retractable canvas and hardwood floors for year-round dining. Beckham has previously showed off the impressive set up on Instagram, while adding he cooked "by far the greatest fish" he's ever eaten on the cooker.

While fans may be getting an intimate first look at Beckham's passion for cooking, according to his oldest son and fellow chef Brooklyn, it's been a lifelong passion.

"Growing up, my dad has always loved being in the kitchen," Brooklyn told Insider just last month. "And as a very young baby, I was lucky enough to travel with him to different places in the world and try different cuisines. I think my love for cooking and trying different cuisines definitely came from my dad."

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