David Bowie’s estate launching NFT art sale to raise money for global humanitarian charity

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David Bowie’s estate is launching an NFT art sale to raise money for an international humanitarian charity fronted by his widow.
‘Bowie on the Blockchain’ will feature work paying tribute to the late singer from nine digital artists – including one of Pussy Riot’s singers – which will be released for sale on September 13.
His estate said “100% of the profits to the Bowie Estate will benefit CARE”, for which his former wife Iman serves as a global advocate.
It added in an announcement about the project on Tuesday (06.09.22): “In keeping with a legacy that has ranged from redefining the parameters of live performance and gender roles in popular music, to pioneering methods of digital distribution and online community building, to constantly championing new and undiscovered artists and technologies, David Bowie’s undying influence will impact yet another new frontier.”
Ryan Foutty from NFT marketplace OpenSea added: “David Bowie is an icon and a trailblazer in every way, and we’re honoured to partner with his team… this incredible collection brings together some of the most groundbreaking NFT artists with Bowie artefacts to bring a new generation of fans together in web 3 (the concept of token-based web trading.)”
And Andrew Keller, co-founder of the project’s partner We Love The Arts, said: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with the Bowie estate as well as this group of artists, all of whom I have immense respect for.
“I hope that this collection we have created simultaneously serves to record the ethos of ‘Bowie on the Blockchain’, as well as spotlight a wildly talented group of artists and an exciting new space for the arts.”
David was killed by liver cancer aged 69 in 2016 and is survived by his model widow Iman, 67, and his two children.
The artists contributing to the ‘Bowie on the Blockchain’ project are Defaced, FEWOCIOUS, Glam Beckett, JAKE, Jonathan Wolfe, Lirona, Nadya Tolokonnikova – from Russian protest group Pussy Riot – Osinachi and Young and Sick.
Nadya, 32, said about David’s influence on her life and work: “David Bowie to me is a Platonic ideal of an artist – charismatic, passionate, imaginative, magnetic af, he always puts art x curiosity x subversion over profit, a magician and a muse. I’m in awe and will always be. David Bowie is my dad.”
It’s not the first time Bowie material has been traded as NFTs, with photographs and unheard audio also previously released online.