David Gandy 'didn't wear padding' during underwear advert

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David Gandy refused to wear padding in his underwear for his Dolce and Gabbana advertising campaign.
The 42-year-old model wore fitted white bathing suit bottoms in the famous photoshoot, but David rejected the option of wearing some padding underneath.
During an appearance on Alan Carr’s ‘Life’s a Beach’ podcast, David was asked about wearing padding and he replied: “No - as if anyone is going to say yes to that. But no.”
The image of David in his underwear appeared on various billboards all around the world. But the model never saw his "50-foot crotch in Times Square".
He revealed: “Everyone was taking pictures, but I wasn’t in New York during that time. There’s this famous image, but I never actually got to see it. That [Dolce and Gabbana] ‘light blue’ image is incredible - I’m not wearing much. It’s a 50-foot crotch in Times Square.”
Despite this, David still has fond memories of starring in the campaign.
He said: “I look at that fondly because I hadn’t done that much to that extent within the modelling industry before, and then I was suddenly on a speedboat with the team, and it was quite special.
"We only shot for one day, so we rented a boat over there from Naples, and then we finished, the sun was going down, and we could just speedboat back. When you think about how lucky you are to be in these situations, it’s quite amazing.”
Meanwhile, the model confessed that he hasn’t always had the good looks he’s now famous for.
He revealed: “I think you have a different impression of how I looked when I was 15 and 16. I grew out before I grew up."

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