Debra Messing reveals 'problem' with Trump presidency

Olivia Morris

In the wake of the recent sexual assault and sexual harassment claims which have rocked Hollywood, Debra Messing has expressed her disbelief at how those women who were allegedly sexually harassed by President Donald Trump are “still not being heard.”

Speaking exclusively to Be, Debra weighed in on the current situation in tinsel town but noted it’s not just in the acting world, “it’s everywhere”.

“It’s been devastating to hear all of these stories and it’s certainly been shocking for everybody in our country to learn how widespread it is,” the actress said. “How pervasive it is. It’s in politics. It’s in board rooms. It’s everywhere.”

Debra Messing (pictured here last month) has slammed Donald Trumps presidency. Source: Getty
Trump has been slammed by Debra Messing over the many alleged sexual assault allegations against him. He is pictured here at the beginning of this month. Source: Getty

The Will & Grace star did note how women are finally being heard, which she believed was a positive thing to come out of the series of allegations that have been made public.

However, she finds it “frustrating that in this particular time of change” some are still not being listened to.

“These stories are being listened to with a new openness,” she said. “Women are finally being believed but it is very hard to know that the 12 plus allegations against our president, that those women are still not being heard.”

The actress (here in NYC last month) says having Trump as president is a

“That’s a problem,” the 49-year-old added.

Trump has denied all sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations made against him.

Twenty women have reportedly come forward with accusations with the alleged incidents taking place between 1980s right up until 2013.

Trump (pictured here last month) has denied all sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations made against him which allegedly took place. Source: Getty

In addition, shortly before the presidential election last October, a video was released by Access Hollywood of Trump bragging about grabbing women by the "p***y" without their consent.

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven are amongst those in Hollywood who have been accused of sexual assault and harassment.

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