Delta caught 'cheating' on The Voice

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Delta Goodrem's tactics on The Voice have landed her in hot water with the other coaches. Photo: Channel Nine

Delta Goodrem has been accused of cheating on The Voice, as the show’s competition continues to heat up.

The pop star’s competitive streak was on full display during Tuesday night’s episode when she appeared to skirt the rules in an attempt to nab this series’ win.

It all went down when three of Guy Sebastian’s initial picks - Jesse Teinaki, Chriddy Black and Mitch Paulsen - battled it out to remain in the competition with the latter out-singing his rivals.

However, as per the show’s rules, coaches can use ‘saves’ which allow them to keep would-be eliminated contestants on the program.

Battle of the coaches

After both Guy and Delta flexed the option to keep Chriddy around, he ultimately chose his original coach - leaving Delta desperate to expand her team.

“Wait, wait, wait. I still have a save. What about if I save Jesse?” she exclaimed as he prepared to leave the stage.

The Voice star Chriddy Black was 'saved' by his original coach, Guy Sebastian during Tuesday night's episode. Photo: Channel Nine

But this demand led to backlash from the show’s other coaches with Kelly Rowland asking her co-star to ‘hold on a minute’ before making a move.

“That's cheating. What is going on? Give me strength!” proclaimed Boy George.

Delta’s defence

However, Delta was quick to defend the move, saying she was motivated to use her ‘save’ as all of the contestants deserved to stay.

“Let me just say, I really do believe that none of you deserved to go home just then,” she rebutted.

This plea ultimately led to confusion for Jesse as he questioned whether the shock tactic was even ‘a real thing?’

Boy George said Delta's tactic was 'against the rules'. Photo: Channel Nine

"I'm just waiting for someone to come in and say no we can't do that, that's against the rules," he said.

Luckily for Jesse, Delta’s ‘rogue’ act nabbed him an avenue to the next round, even if her tactics were questionable to some.

“It kind of is against the rules but... Delta's the boss here. She is. What a joke. That was an outrage,” Boy George added.

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