Demi Lovato Admits She Gets Nervous If Boyfriend Jutes Watches Her Perform (Exclusive)

The singer, who rerecorded rock versions of her biggest hits for her new album 'Revamped', spoke to PEOPLE for One Last Thing

<p>Angelo Kritikos</p> Demi Lovato

Angelo Kritikos

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a seasoned performer, but there are still a few scenarios that can give her butterflies.

Sitting down to chat with PEOPLE, the singer, 31, revealed the last thing she does before going onstage is "huddle with my band," Lovato tells the magazine. "And we say the city we’re in or the name of the tour and do a little [pep talk]."

Lovato, who began dating musician Jutes, 31, last year, insists they only gets nervous if "it’s like a televised show or performance, or my boyfriend is in the audience," she adds. "I get nervous if he’s there."

The singer, who rerecorded rock versions of her biggest hits for their new album Revamped, spoke to PEOPLE for One Last Thing:

Last tattoo I got
I think it was a spiderweb on my shoulder last year. I just liked the way it looks. I’ll see something and think, “I want that.”

Last time I was scared
Probably bracing for the hurricane that ended up not being a hurricane [in California]. It was insane. We were in Palm Springs for my birthday, and we left the day before to just be safer in L.A.

Last time I was in awe
Seeing the clouds rolling in when I was in Palm Springs. We were kind of scared because we were like, “Wow, what’s actually coming our way?” But also it just really taught me how to appreciate nature. It was so wild.

Last fashion disaster
I used to wear bow ties when I was a teenager because I had a stylist who was obsessed with them. It was definitely a huge fashion mistake. Will I wear one again? Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

Revamped is available now.

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