Denise Richards on 'surreal' flight from Spain amid coronavirus pandemic

Denise Richards admits it was "surreal" flying back from Spain amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 49-year-old actress - who had been filming in Europe for upcoming medieval TV drama 'Glow and Darkness' - travelled to Los Angeles via London after the shoot was suspended, and she has opened up on the long journey back.

Speaking to 'Extra', she said: "I got out a day at a time. It took me two days to get home, I went through London. Landing in LAX - I will say, they were screening. It took quite some time to get out.

"They definitely took my temperature once they heard when I was, and the CDC was there. Going through airport LAX, they are definitely screening everyone, I will reassure everyone with that...

"It was very surreal to be even on the airplane, midflight, I was on British Airways and they found out that the UK was also involved in the ban as well. My biggest thing was, 'What are the flight crew even doing when they land?' "

Denise has been working with Jane Seymour, 69, on the series, and she revealed her co-star as able to leave "a few days early".

She added: "She's doing good... She actually left a few days early... The production was accommodating, which was amazing. They kept us all safe and once we knew we had to stop filming, they did get us out there safely."

Denise - who has daughters Sam, 16, and Lola Rose, 14 with ex-husband Charlie Sheen and adopted daughter Eloise - revealed how she has addressed the ongoing issue with her kids.

She explained: "I tell them that this will pass, and we all just can't panic. It's something that the entire world is going through, and that's all we can do. It's something that none of us have experienced before."