Despite war fatigue, Ukrainian confidence in victory remains high at 88%


Despite the ongoing conflict and signs of war fatigue, a striking 88% of Ukrainians believe their nation will triumph over Russia, according to a nationwide survey conducted on Feb. 17-21 by the Ukrainian polling group Rating on behalf of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

While a robust 58% of participants are unequivocally sure of victory, another 30% lean strongly towards a positive result for Ukraine. Even as these numbers have slightly waned since the war's escalation, the sentiment of hope remains significantly potent, with 80% of respondents envisioning a brighter future for Ukraine.

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"Our surveys consistently show that Putin cannot break the strong spirit of the Ukrainian people," said Stephen Nix, Senior Director of IRI Eurasia.

In terms of the conflict's potential duration, opinions vary: 37% anticipate a resolution within the next one to two years, 26% expect it to conclude within a year, and smaller percentages predict longer timeframes.

Only 3% are convinced that the war between Ukraine and Russia will never end.

Meanwhile, only 45% of Ukrainians remain optimistic about their country regaining its 1991 borders post-war with Russia.

The research was carried out across Ukrainian territories under government control, excluding Crimea, Donbas, and parts of southern Ukraine, using a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) methodology with randomly selected mobile numbers. A total of 2000 residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older were surveyed.

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