Diana's breakdown over Charles' jealousy on Aussie tour

To the world, they looked like a happy young couple in love, stepping out and showing off their beautiful baby son to an adoring public.

Instead, Princess Diana's and Prince Charles' 1983 tour of Australia with nine-month-old William was fraught with tears, jealousy, and separation as they attended royal non-stop duties.

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"It was make or break time for me," Diana told journalist Andrew Morton in a series of tape recordings for his blockbuster book Diana, Her True Story.

Diana's gruelling tour of Australia in 1983 saw her breakdown in tears. Photo: Getty

The princess' popularity was overwhelming, with thousands flocking to see her. Photo: Getty

Thrust into the spotlight soon after touching down, the vulnerable young mum had a breakdown after her first engagement at the School of the Air in Alice Springs, tearfully pleading to go home.

"It was hot, I was jet-lagged, being sick. I was too thin," Diana revealed. "The whole world was focusing on me every day. I came back from this engagement and I went to my lady-in-waiting, cried my eyes out and said: 'Anne, I've got to go home, I can't cope with this.'"

Things were already strained between Charles and Diana following their wedding two years earlier. Photo: Getty

Making matters even worse, the couple was shocked - and Charles infuriated - at Diana's overwhelming popularity that saw crowds follow them wherever they went, just to get a glimpse.

Charles made his jealousy over his wife's popularity very clear. Photo: Getty

"Everybody always said when we were in the car, 'Oh, we're in the wrong side, we want to see her, we don't want to see him,' and that's all we could hear when we went down to the crowds and obviously he wasn't used to that and nor was I," Diana explained.

"He took it out on me. He was jealous; I understood the jealousy but I couldn't explain that I didn't ask for it."

Despite bringing Prince William to Australia, Di rarely saw her young son during the busy tour. Photo: Getty

The couple's busy schedule didn't allow for much time with their young son, either.

"We didn't see very much of him but at least we were under the same sky, so to speak," said Diana.

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