Diana’s violent fight with ‘wicked’ step-mum

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Her explosive fights with her husband are no secret, but it seems Prince Charles wasn’t the only person Diana used to butt heads with.

A new documentary titled Diana’s Wicked Stepmother, has revealed the late Princess’ toxic relationship with her step-mum Raine Spencer, and recounts one moment when Diana lost it and pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Diana and her step-mum Raine Spence had a rocky relationship. Photo: Getty

It all happened the day of her brother, Earl Charles Spencer’s wedding in 1989. Diana was apparently furious at Raine for ignoring her and Charles’ mum Frances Shand Kydd, and became so mad she pushed her.

Raine ended up falling down a staircase and ending up “badly bruised and dreadfully upset”.

“It was not justified at all, it was a cruel heartless thing to do and I think it was Diana's perception of how Raine was treating Mrs Shand Kidd,” Raine's personal assistant Sue Howe said.

Diana and her brother Charles caller her

“I think Diana was very stressed. This sounds really wrong but she wasn't centre of attention on this occasion.”

Raine had married Diana’s father 14 years earlier, but had never been popular with his kids, with Diana and her siblings even nicknaming her “acid Raine”.

“All the Spencer children behaved very badly to Raine, it wasn't just Diana. They were purposely ganging up on her,” royal biographer Ingrid Seward said.

Diana's own mum left when she was just six. Photo: Getty

Of course Diana’s parents separated when she was just six, after her mum left the marriage to be with lover Peter Shand Kidd, whom she later married.

It’s one of the major reasons Diana never wanted a divorce herself, even when she and Prince Charles had decided to separate.

Her former butler Paul Burrell recently said that Diana was eventually forced into getting a divorce by the Queen, who wrote her a letter instructing her that divorce was her best option.

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