Diane Kruger feared her daughter would “forget” her when she went back to work

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Diane Kruger feared her daughter would “forget” her when she went back to work.
The 45-year-old actress - who welcomed her first child with partner Norman Reedus into the world back in 2018 and is yet to publicly reveal her name - opened up about suffering from "separation anxiety" when she returned to work on 'The 355' for the first time after the birth.
She said: "My daughter was six months. I was just worried, is she going to forget about me?… I had extreme separation anxiety. It’s exhausting… You work all week when you make a film… Then on weekends, when most people relax and recharge the batteries, you have to be mom. It’s a full-time double job."
But Diane found it "empowering" to see how her co-stars on the spy movie, including Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz, were able to juggle their work with their own family commitments.
She told 'Extra': "It was…empowering to see Jessica has kids, Penelope has kids, how they manage to do it all and where they put the priorities and where they also say no."
Diane then went on to laud Jessica - who also produced the move through her independent company - who fought for the cast to receive equal pay and made sure they were working in a family-friendly environment, including having a trailer just for their kids to hang out.
She said: "She makes sure we all get treated equally… She being a producer on this really made sure we all got paid the same… All the things I am assuming she liked to have on a film were available to everyone else, and that’s pretty great.
“Jessica always made sure wherever we were, there was a trailer for all the kids to play… To be able to have lunch with your kid every day was very special.”
The movie sees a group of female spies pull together to prevent a terrorist group from destroying the world, and Diane had to learn how to fight with Jessica for the film, claiming that she and her fellow star "kicked each other's butts."
She said: "Well, I mean, [Jessica]’s a pretty fierce fighter. So I think we kicked each other’s butt… and that was a very comical day because they pad you up with tons of padding everywhere just in case you hit each other and die. So that was a very funny day."

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