Diane Kruger kicked Jessica Chastain's ass on The 355 set

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Jessica Chastain says Diane Kruger "completely kicked [her] ass".
The two actresses filmed a fight scene for female spy film 'The 355', which Jessica also produced, and Jessica admitted that Diane's fighting prowess outdid her own.
Speaking on Graham Norton's New Year’s Eve (31.12.21) special, she explained: "We made it so long ago, but the good thing is that we made it outside the system – it is independently financed. The actors raised the money, so we are all like the bosses, which makes it exciting.
"[Diane] completely kicked my ass, I totally underestimated her as an opponent. It was exhausting and I was so sore – thank god we were not actually hitting each other!"
Meanwhile, Diane, 45, previously revealed that Jessica, 44, made sure "all women got paid the same" for 'The 355'.
Diane – who plays Marie Schmidt in the upcoming spy thriller – described working with women on set as the "most complete experience", especially after producer and co-star Jessica ensured everyone was paid equally for their roles.
Diane said: "It felt great to work with girls, and there was no weirdness on-set. Jessica made sure all of the actresses were paid the same; we all own a piece of the movie,
"Regardless of how the film does, it was one of the most complete experiences. Being able to be heard and valued is so important—not just in what I do, but everywhere."
'The 355’ - which also stars Penélope Cruz, Fan Bingbing and Lupita Nyong’o - follows a CIA agent (Chastain) teaming up with other international spies in order to recover a top secret weapon and stop World War 3.
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