Dick Vitale cancer free after being diagnosed with melanoma, plans to call college games for ESPN

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Dick Vitale of ESPN.
Dick Vitale revealed he is cancer free after being diagnosed with melanoma. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Long-time ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale revealed he is cancer-free after being diagnosed with melanoma over the summer.

Vitale wrote an article over at ESPN detailing his diagnosis and encouraged others to get checked if they notice an abnormal growth on their body. He did that in typical Vitale fashion, making sure the headline read "GET CHECKED, BABY!"

Vitale said he detected a growth above his nose and had it examined. Doctors removed some skin, which came back positive for melanoma. Vitale underwent a procedure to remove the growth in late June. He said doctors were able to remove all the cancer cells and that he is now "cancer clear." 

Vitale needed four other surgeries to sew up his face, which he detailed in self-deprecating fashion over at ESPN.

Then came four additional procedures in recent weeks to sew up the area on my face. We all know I’m never going to look like Tom Cruise. I’ve got no hair on my dome and I’ve got a body by linguini. Fortunately, I continue to heal from those cosmetic surgeries and it’s working out fine. I’m in good shape and will be ready to start my 43rd season calling ESPN college basketball games at age 82.

As that blurb indicates, Vitale expects to call college basketball games at ESPN this season. It will be his 43rd season as a college basketball commentator. 

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