DiGiorno's Thanksgiving Pizza Is The Most Controversial Pie In The World

a pizza with cheese and vegetables on a cutting board
DiGiorno Is Releasing A Thanksgiving PizzaDiGiorno

If you've ever debated about whether pineapples belong on pizza, just wait until you see what DiGiorno has been working in. Forget pineapples; DiGiorno's new frozen Thanksgiving pizza begs the question, Do turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, and cranberries belong on pizza?

In addition to the Thanksgiving toppings, the pizza also features mozzarella, cheddar, and crispy onions. We're all for a sweet and savory combination done right, but we're struggling to see DiGiorno's vision here. If we can be honest, the green beans and cranberries the scariest parts (with an honorable mention going to the sweet potatoes). Instead of actual cranberries, a cranberry drizzle would have been a better option. And green beans on a pizza just has us stressed out. When it comes to Thanksgiving, green beans should be limited to casserole, and casserole alone.

As far as the sweet potatoes, we really can't get past the textural travesty of potatoes paired with chewy pizza dough.

Questionable toppings aside, we love the idea of a gravy sauce on pizza. You can also never go wrong when finishing off any dish with crispy onions.

Would you be willing to swap out your traditional dinner for DiGiorno's Thanksgiving pizza? If so, the pizza will be available exclusively online at starting November 1.

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