Dionne Warwick Intends to Speak to 'Young Man' Elon Musk About Changes to X, Formerly Twitter (Exclusive)

On Friday, Musk shared his plans to remove the blocking feature on X (formerly known as Twitter)

<p>Lester Cohen/Getty; Kevin Mazur/MG22/Getty</p> Dionne Warwick; Elon Musk

Lester Cohen/Getty; Kevin Mazur/MG22/Getty

Dionne Warwick; Elon Musk

Dionne Warwick wants to have a word with Elon Musk.

Speaking to PEOPLE at Todd Hunt's Postcards from Brazil, Volume 2 release party held at Urban Press Winery in Burbank, California on Monday night, Warwick responded to Musk's recent plan to remove the blocking feature on X (formerly known as Twitter).

"I have yet to speak to that young man and I intend to because I am not quite sure what he's doing or if he knows what he's doing," Warwick, 82 — who is featured on the song "New Beginning" on Hunt's new record, which dropped in July — said of the changes. "So until that happens, I'll reserve my answer to that question."

On Friday, Musk, 52, responded to a post by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley that read: "Is there ever a reason to block vs mute someone?"

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He wrote: "Block is going to be deleted as a 'feature', except for DMs."

He has yet to provide a reason or time frame for removing the block function — though he did say the mute function would remain in a follow-up tweet. Musk acquired Twitter last year and has since rebranded the company and platform to X.

"I have to meet him," Warwick told PEOPLE of the controversial executive in December. "I know a lot of people have walked away from Twitter. That's prior to knowing exactly what he's going to do. He's new to the game."

She continued: "His attitude is freedom of speech, which is mine as well. However, there's a way to do it. That's one of the conversations I'm going to have with him. What is your true intent? I understand your freedom of speech attitude but how are you going to contain it, so it does not get out of hand?"

Elsewhere in her interview with PEOPLE on Monday, Warwick said she was nowhere ready for retirement.

<p>Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty</p> Dionne Warwick

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Dionne Warwick

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“It's still a bunch of fun. Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing it," she said of her career. "When it becomes a job, that's when you won't see me anymore."

Warwick — who performed “That’s What Friends Are For” alongside her granddaughter Cheyenne Elliot at the event — also revealed that despite boasting five Grammys, she still has her sights set on other awards.

“There's still the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony, not necessarily that order,” she said.

As for the best career advice she's ever received, Warwick said simply that it's to “be who I am."

"I can't be anybody else," she added. "I don't want to be anybody else.” 

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