Doctor, 30, among those killed in strike on Ukrainian children's hospital

A 30-year-old doctor was among those killed in Monday's daytime bombardment of Kyiv, which targeted Ukraine's largest children's hospital among other buildings.

Svitlana Lukyanchuk, a paediatric kidney specialist, died after a missile hit a two-storey wing of Okhmatdyt children's hospital in the Ukrainian capital.

According to the United Nations team tracking human rights violations in Ukraine, at least one other person died and around 50 people were injured in the missile strike on the hospital.

It was part of the deadliest bombardment of Kyiv in several months - whereby missiles were launched from notably low altitudes during the day, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said.

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In total, seven of the city's 10 districts were hit, leaving at least 42 dead and 150 injured. There were also strikes causing injuries in Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih.

The bombardment triggered a national day of mourning across Ukraine on Tuesday, with flags lowered on public buildings and official events cancelled.

There were 670 patients being looked after when the Okhmatdyt hospital was hit, the UN said.

Ms Lukyanchuk took a group of children to an air raid shelter and was hit when she returned to the wing to check no one was left behind, the hospital's director general Volodymyr Zhovnir said.

The strike saw open-heart surgery interrupted and young cancer patients wheeled outside on to the street to continue their treatment.

"The building where we conducted dialysis for children with kidney failure or acute intoxication is ruined entirely," Mr Zhovnir added.

'New and noteworthy' Russian tactics

Commenting on the nature of the strikes, the ISW described them as "new and noteworthy".

"Russia has consistently adapted the strike packages it uses against Ukraine to take advantage of Ukraine's air defence shortages, and the 8 July strikes represent a new and adapted strike package that Ukraine will need to learn to respond to with requisite levels of Western-provided air defence systems," it wrote on X.

Russia denied responsibility for the hospital strike, saying it does not attack civilian targets in Ukraine.

A Russian Defence Ministry statement blamed a Ukrainian air defence missile for partially destroying the hospital.

The rescue effort following the strikes came as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Mr Modi is seeking to deepen the relationship between the two nuclear powers at a time when NATO leaders are gathering in Washington to renew their military and economic support of Ukraine.

Meanwhile Chinese troops have been seen staging joint military drills in Belarus - just a few miles from its border with Poland.

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