Doctor finds ‘human finger’ inside his ice cream

Doctor finds ‘human finger’ inside his ice cream

A doctor has claimed he found a human finger inside his ice cream in India.

Orlem Brandon Serrao ordered three cones and had the desserts delivered to his house in Malad, Mumbai, on 13 June.

He tucked into one of the frozen treats to cool off from the heatwave but was baffled when he felt a solid object on his tongue.

He spat it out and was horrified to see what appeared to be a severed human digit in his food.

Footage shows the flesh sticking out of the yellow butterscotch-flavoured ice cream.

Mr Serrao sealed the finger in an ice pack and submitted it to the police while filing a complaint.

A senior police official was quoted by local news outlets confirming the suspected finger has been sent for forensic examination.