Doctor Who star Alex Kingston says cancel culture has made her generation 'tread on eggshells'

Alex Kingston pictured above (Getty Images)
Alex Kingston pictured above (Getty Images)

Alex Kingston has labeled cancel culture “fascistic” and claimed that it has made her generation feel like they are “treading on eggshells” about what they say.

The Doctor Who actress expressed her concerns about being canceled, admitting she often feels “really confused” about pronouns.

The 61-year-old went on to describe cancel culture as “terrifying” and “dangerous” due to the lack of empathy or understanding if someone unintentionally offends another by saying the wrong thing.

“Cancel culture is terrifying,” she told The Telegraph. “Sort of fascistic, really. I don't think people realise how dangerous cancelling people is, what they has meant historically.

“My generation is treading on eggshells, not knowing whether what you say will unintentionally hurt somebody. I get really confused about pronouns, for instance. I’m just not confident with how and when to use them.

Kingston described cancel culture as ‘terrifying’ (Getty Images)
Kingston described cancel culture as ‘terrifying’ (Getty Images)

“There is no empathy or sympathy, opinions are immediate and black and white. I hope we’ll start coming back to a place where people can be kinder to each other, both in thinking about what they’re going to say and hearing what’s being said.”

Regarding the cancellation of artists, where public figures are boycotted by fans, Kingston, who will next appear on screen in ITV drama Douglas is Cancelled, shared that her decision to engage with their work depends on whether “what’s gone on will alter how I experience the film”.

Kingston’s comments come after Dawn French echoed similar sentiments in April.

The TV star said that cancel culture has “forced people into a corner” and made them opt for silence out of fear rather than expressing their true beliefs.

The Vicar of Dibley star’s remarks came after she was advised to “catch up” on the transgender controversy surrounding JK Rowling during a podcast appearance. At the time, French explained she was scolded by the podcast host scolded for asking why people were so upset by the author’s statements.

The 66-year-old emphasised the importance of robust debate but noted that intolerance toward differing viewpoints had “wiped out any margin for error”.