How does Inside Man end? The Netflix drama explained

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inside man ending explained, how did the show end
The ending of Inside Man, explainedBBC

After Inside Man came to an end on BBC in October, it dropped on Netflix in full: But what actually happens at the end of the four part series?

The drama was developed by Steven Moffat and stars David Tennant, Stanley Tucci, Dolly Wells and It's A Sin's Lydia West. Viewers were instantly gripped with the interwoven plot of an American prisoner on death row, a vicar in an English village, his son's maths tutor and a budding journalist.

But after the final episode aired, there was a mixed reaction to the ending of the show. Some were praising Inside Man saying it had a "brilliant ending" and exciting to watch. Whereas others were left with more questions and wondering what actually happened in the last episode.

The official synopsis of the show reads, "Former law lecturer Jefferson Grieff is on death row for killing his wife. He gives advice on cold cases. Reverend Harry Watling picks up his teenaged son's mathematics tutor Janice Fife from the station where she has helped journalist Beth Davenport out of a harassing situation on the Tube."

So what happened in the final episode of Inside Man?

*Contains spoilers for Inside Man*

The ending of Netflix's Inside Man explained

inside man ending explained

Episode three ended with Harry (played by David Tennant) carrying out his plan to kill Janice via carbon monoxide poisoning. He and his wife Mary realised there was no way she wouldn't go the police about their son Ben, as she believed he was accessing child pornography.

However, he was unaware his son Ben was still in the cellar with Janice. Throughout the episode Janice tries to manipulate Ben into calling the police on his parents. However, in his hallucinated state due to the carbon monoxide, Ben attacks Janice with a hammer.

Elsewhere in the episode Harry refused to let Mary back into their home and so Mary goes to Janice's flat where she is met with Beth (played by Lydia West) who is on a mission to find Janice.

Mary pretends to be Janice's friend and Beth claims to be Janice's flatmate. Beth continually questioned Mary on where Janice was and how she got into the flat. Under the pressure of the situation Mary pulls out a bread knife and accidentally cuts Beth on the arm.

As Beth and Mary are cleaning up Beth's arm, Mary's phone rings with Ben asking her why she and Harry hid the secret of what the porn was. During their conversation Ben reveals to Mary that he's in the cellar with Janice. Whilst overhearing their conversation Beth realises where Janice has been hidden.

The two women argue and run out into the road, with Mary frantically calling Harry to tell him Ben is in the cellar. As they run out Mary is hit by a moving lorry and dies.

inside man ending explained lydia west

After hearing Mary's voicemail Harry rushes to get Ben out of the cellar. Ben pushes past his father and runs out of the house.

Harry then goes down to the cellar to kill Janice as Beth breaks into the house to stop him.

As Harry advances on Beth a group of masked police turn up with weapons, stopping Harry from murdering Janice.

The last five minutes end with Grieff and Harry on a video call from their separate prisons. Grieff explains how he knew where Janice was by paying attention to what hadn't been noticed.

He explained that because no one had filed a missing persons report for Janice, the last known place she was was the vicarage for her Saturday tutoring session.

He theorised Janice could either be in one of two places - her own flat, or her last known location, which was the vicarage.

He went onto say he was the one who deployed the masked police to Harry's house. Grieff explained he had previously told the prison warden he would trade the location of his wife's head if he was given a pardon.

However, rather than giving them the location of her head, he told them Harry's address where he knew Janice would be.

Does Janice survive in Inside Man?

inside man ending explained

When we last see Janice in the cellar as the masked police arrive, she looks close to death because of the carbon monoxide poisoning and being hit with the hammer.

However, Janice does survive and in the post credits scene she is seen visiting Grieff in prison.

Grieff asks her what he can do for her in the week he has before his execution. She explains she wants him to solve the case of her husband's murder (sorry but when did she have a husband?).

Dillan then raises an interesting point - Janice's husband isn't actually dead. Janice replies saying: "No, but he deserves to be" and asks Grieff for his help to murder her husband. Grieff agrees and the scene ends.

Ok, I need season two now!

Inside Man is now streaming on Netflix.

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