Dolly Parton left 'wrecked' when she first heard goddaughter Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’

Dolly Parton "almost wrecked" her car when she first heard 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus.
The 77-year-old country legend wrote and recorded 'I Will Always Love You' several years before Whitney Houston put her own spin on the track for the 1992 drama film 'The Bodyguard' and recalled getting the same striking feeling when she heard her goddaughter Miley's raunchy single 'Wrecking Ball' more than two decades later in 2013.
She told Billboard: "I remember the first time I heard ‘Wrecking Ball.’ It hit me the same way it did the first time I heard ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston. I was driving, heard that one, and I almost wrecked. And when I heard ‘Wrecking Ball,’ I almost wrecked again! I thought, when it started into that chorus, I thought it hit me like a wrecking ball. I thought, ‘Well, how great can a song be?'"
The 'Jolene' legend - who guest starred on Miley’s Disney Channel sitcom ‘Hannah Montana‘ in the late 2000s and in more recent years has performed with her at events such as ‘Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party’ on NBC – recently explained that she sees 'Used to Be Young' songstress Miley, 30, as being like a "daughter or a sister" to her as she revealed she had included a cover of 'Wrecking Ball' on her upcoming album 'Rockstar'.
She said: "Miley is like a daughter to me, or a sister. I said ‘I want you to do ‘Wrecking Ball’ and you’re going to sing it with me, right?’ and Miley said ‘Well, duh!’ So that’s one of my favourite tracks on the whole album. I love that song. Our voices blend really well.”