Dolphin and pup stun tourists as they swim and play together in Bahamas

Krystal Johnson

An amazing video has emerged showing two unlikely friends frolic and play with each other in the bright blue waters of the Bahamas.

The beautiful interspecies bonding was captured on video from a boat and uploaded to Instagram by Adam Dreffin via Cat Charters Bahamas.

The dolphin can be seen spyhopping in the majestic green waters. Photo: Instagram

In the video, the small black pup is paddling to keep himself afloat and barking at his new friend who is captured splashing around him in the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

The dolphin begins spy-hopping around the small dog who then tries to swim after him before the video cuts off.

The two unlikely friends can be seen frolicking together in the Bahamas. Photo: Instagram

The Bahamas are a chain of 700 islands scattered among the Caribbean and full of uninhabited cays and large rocks.