Domestic abuser who assaulted and threatened ex-partner in ‘horrifying’ ordeal jailed

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David Kemp (Essex Police)
David Kemp (Essex Police)

A domestic abuser who assaulted his ex-partner and attempted to control every aspect of her life has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

David Kemp, 44, from Braintree in Essex, dated the victim for six months and after first appearing charming, he soon began a campaign of "horrifying" coercive, controlling behaviour, Cheltenham Crown Court heard.

Kemp tracked the victim via an app on her phone, demanded regular updates on her location and if he did not hear from her immediately would call her, often hundreds of times, to demand an answer.

He also attempted to take control of the victim's finances by taking the money she earned as his.

On one occasion, he pressured the victim to transfer all of her savings into his bank account.

The victim pretended to do so but when Kemp was unable to access the money he became aggressive.

The victim ran for her life across a nearby field before Kemp caught her, assaulted her and dragged her back to the car.

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He then threatened her and said that if she ever tried to escape him again, he would “bury her alive”.

On another occasion, the victim tried to escape Kemp’s control by leaving a hotel in the early hours of the morning.

Whilst attempting to leave in her own car, Kemp attacked her and stole the vehicle.

After the victim reported Kemp to the police he was arrested and charged.

Domestic Abuse Investigation Officer DC Jonathan Straight said: "Kemp’s treatment of his ex-partner, someone he claimed to love and care for, was nothing short of horrifying.

"Her life was made a complete misery at his hands."

He pleaded guilty to kidnap, coercive and controlling behaviour, and threats to kill at Chelmsford Crown Court on 5 August.

He has been deemed a dangerous offender and was issued a restraining order.

The victim, who does not wish to be identified, has said that she hopes telling her story will encourage others to come forward and escape their abuser.

If you need to speak to police but fear someone may overhear, call 999 and press 55 when instructed to do so. This will alert the operator that you’re in a dangerous situation and need help.

If you’re concerned by your partner’s behaviour, Clare’s Law also allows people who think they may have a violent partner to request information about them.

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