Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweet Burns Roger Goodell, But Twitter Claps Back Harder

To give credit where credit is due, Donald Trump Jr. skewered NFL head honchoRoger Goodellon Sunday, but Twitter got the last laugh.

On a Sunday when manyNFL players demonstratedto protest President Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of athletes who kneel during the national anthem, his eldest son attempted to snidely call out the NFL commissioner.

Trump Jr.’s tweet made a good point in reminding people thatthe NFL’s domestic violence policyseems more about PR than substantive action, and that the league only admitted in Marcha link between playing football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy,a degenerative brain disease.

However, the rest of Twitter got involved and pointed out the hypocrisy in Trump Jr.’s statement.

For that, we are forever grateful.

Of course, sometimes there are no words. Just GIFs.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.