Donny Osmond 'married the perfect girl'

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Donny Osmond “married the perfect girl”.
The 65-year-old singer met his spouse Debbie when they were teenagers and they have been married for 45 years, with the ‘Puppy Love’ hitmaker now seeing themselves as “one” unit.
He told Yours magazine: “I married the perfect girl. Debbie’s not just my wife, she’s my partner, my confidante, my friend. We’re one, basically. She gives me a perspective, a balance in my life.
“I love the way she’s raised our children and I love the way she’s a very sweet, kind individual to everyone she meets.”
The father-of-five is “extremely romantic” and regularly sends flowers to his wife, usually red roses.
He quipped: “The local florist loves me. Marie can stick with the paper ones, I’ll stick with the real ones.”
Donny and Debbie are looking forward to the birth of their 14th grandchild this summer and the veteran performer couldn’t be happier with his life.
He said: “I have a fruit tree for every grandchild so they come over and check on them. We’ve got to stop having grandkids though as I’m running out of property …
"Every decision I make I think how does it affect my wife and then I think how does it affect my kids and grandkids. Then I think about me.
“This is probably the best stage of my life right now. I love it. All my grandkids have got me wrapped round their little fingers.
“My career’s going well. I’m blessed. What more could I ask for?”
The couple are particularly pleased to have two granddaughters, Emy, 16, and two-year-old Aussie, after having five sons themselves.
Donny laughed: “The running joke is that I didn’t read that chapter of the book in high school so I really don’t know how to make girls.”