Doutzen Kroes thought being a mum would end her career

Doutzen Kroes thought her career would be over when she had children.

The 35-year-old model has son Phyllon, nine, and daughter Myllena, five, with her husband Sunnery James Gorré, but has said that when she first fell pregnant with Phyllon, she was worried she would never be able to model again.

She said: "When I got pregnant, there was a moment of [wondering] what are my clients going to say, what's going to happen to my career?

But the worry didn't last long, as she felt "so much better" when her son was born, and knew raising a family was the right decision for her.

Doutzen added: "But then I had the baby and I actually felt so much better in my body. My mindset was I want to have babies and if that means the end of my career, then so be it."

The blonde beauty also touched on the difficulties of raising biracial children, as her husband is of Surinamese descent, and insisted she wants her brood to "embrace their ethnicity".

She explained: "Like, for my daughter, if she's going to have certain questions on things, who does she turn to? Because I don't have the answers. She tells me, I want your [blonde] hair. And I'm, like, no, your hair is beautiful. I want her to embrace her ethnicity."

And as a mother, Doutzen is pleased to see the fashion industry welcome more diverse models, especially if her children want to follow in her footsteps.

Speaking to The Sunday Times' Style magazine, she said: "When I started, I was considered too curvy or 'healthy looking' and, body wise, didn't fit into what the high-end fashion world wanted to display.

"It's great to see that casting is looking more and more at girls and women of all ages, body sizes and ethnicity. We still have a long way to go, but as long as we all speak out and consumers keep reflecting their feelings about how they don't feel represented, we will get there."