Dove Cameron's tattoo tribute to Cameron Boyce

Dove Cameron has got a tattoo tribute to her late friend Cameron Boyce.

The 'Descendants' actress has had an inking of a gun shooting out a single rose on her left wrist as tribute to her late pal, who passed away in July 2019 at the age of 20 as a result of a seizure.

Speaking in a video for Vogue magazine, Dove said: "I want to get a single needle, either like a pistol or a revolver or some type of firearm, but I want it to have wither like a single rose or like a bouquet coming out of it, because I am very anti-gun and I am very pro-gun regulation. And it's sort of like a nationally recognised symbol for peace and for anti-gun movements. Also my friend, Cameron, passed away a few months ago and he was starting this organisation called Wielding Peace. He wanted to get influential people holding things that sort of looked like they were in the shape of a gun, but then it would something artistic or peaceful. He [posed] with a bouquet of flowers actually, and I think that that's really beautiful and I've been trying to think of a tattoo to get for him since he passed and I just felt that this one was really appropriate."

Meanwhile, Dove previously admitted she can't describe the "depth of the pain" she felt when she learned about Cameron's death.

She explained: "When I heard about Cameron, I had just woken up early in a London hotel room to the sound of my phone ringing off the hook. I was nervous about why I could be getting so many texts and calls, so I only looked at my mother's text.

"I knew she would be the gentlest, and the most concise, whatever it was. It explained what had happened and I immediately phoned Boo Boo [Stewart], who had already called me twice. We just sobbed without speaking. If there was a word stronger than devastated that could describe the depth of the pain that I was feeling, I would use it."