Dozens jailed for cyberbullying French 'queen of influencers'

Twenty-eight people who joined an online harassment campaign launched by a rapper against France’s “queen of influencers” have been handed jail terms in the country's largest cyberbullying case.

Paris' Criminal Court on Tuesday found the accused guilty of harassing Magali Berdah after being spurred on by social media posts made by French rapper Booba in December 2021.

The harassment included death threats, anti-Semitic remarks and other hateful and insulting messages.

Those prosecuted were aged between 20 and 49 and live in locations across France. The court handed jail terms ranging from four to 18 months, with half receiving suspended sentences.

They were also fined between €300 and €700, ordered to attend citizenship classes, and forbidden from contacting the victim for two years.

The defendants must jointly pay Berdah €54,000 for moral damages.


Judges heard the hate campaign had been incited by Booba, real name Élie Yaffa, who had launched a crusade against Berdah in what he dubbed "influ-swindlers", who he accused of scamming internet users.

Berdah, 42, built a prominent career in France as a lifestyle and fashion expert while also marketing other social media stars through her company, Shauna Events.

Berdah hailed the judgment as a significant victory.

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