Dr Pepper Just Dropped A New Flavor & You'll Never Guess What It Is

dr pepper hot take
Dr Pepper Just Dropped A Limited Edition SodaAllison Arnold / Dr. Pepper

Whether you're a soda fan or a lover of all things spicy, you can get both with this new limited-edition Dr Pepper flavor. Every year, in honor of college football, the brand launches a new product—in 2022 it was the Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve. This year it's Dr Pepper Hot Take, a sweet and spicy soda celebrating the "hot takes" of the sport.

“Every year, we celebrate college football fandom and the new flavor is a ‘hot take’ on the well-loved tradition of sport and spice," said John Alvarado, SVP of Dr Pepper® Brand Marketing, in a press release.

Before we fill you in on how to get your hands on the limited-edition soda, here's what you can expect. While I was initially skeptical of a spicy soda, the product isn't all that unusual. From spicy margaritas to Bloody Marys, adding spice to our favorite treats isn't that unheard of. Upon taking a sip, it wasn't too bad. It takes a few seconds for the heat to set in, and then it lingers in your throat. While something about it made me repeatedly sneeze, I kept taking another sip, eventually cutting myself off to avoid looming heartburn.

So if you want to try it out yourself, here's how. Dr Pepper Hot Take is officially available today, but only for Pepper Perks members. You can log in or sign up for the Pepper Perks rewards program and redeem 3,000 points to get the flavor. You can also play a scratch-and-win for the chance to win prizes, such as the new flavor.

What do you think of a spicy soda?

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