'The drama!' Miley Cyrus jokes about her time on Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus has joked that 'Hannah Montana' was so dramatic.
The 30-year-old pop star was just 12 years old when she landed the title role of a schoolgirl living a double life as a world-famous singer on the Disney Chanel sitcom and took a look back at the season three finale 'Miley Says Goodbye?' as part of a promotional video for her upcoming single '“Used To Be Young'.
In the clip from the episode, lead character Miley Stewart closes the door on her Malibu beach house and blows the set a kiss goodbye, an image which has since become a viral meme.
In the new video, Miley said: "So this is from the final episode [of season three] of 'Hannah Montana'. The drama! This is how I say goodbye to everyone now! Mwah!"
In the series - which spawned four seasons, a concert tour and a cinematic film - Miley's vocables became notable for setting the tone of a scene and the 'Flowers' hitmaker went on to recreate one of those for the promotional video before seemingly poking fun at her infamous transformation from child star to raunchy singer.
She said: "Woah-a-woah, yeah! Hannah's for kids, Miley is for grown a** men in heels!"
The series finale of 'Hannah Montana' aired in 2011 and Miley - who starred alongside her father Billy Ray Cyrus and was occasionally joined by godmother Dolly Parton on the show - wrote a letter to her alter-ego upon the 15th anniversary of the premiere in 2021, where she thanked the character and admitted that she could "never have imagined" the groundbreaking success of the billion-dollar franchise.
She wrote: "You were like a rocket that flew me to the moon + never brought me back down. I couldn’t have imagined when taping myself singing 'I Love Rock N Roll' against a white wall in my mom’s friends kitchen in Nashville, TN, the name typed in marquee style letters on the front of a first draft script would make my wildest dreams a reality."(sic)