Dream Home fans blast 'ridiculous' detail in finale: 'Absolute rubbish'

Viewers have revealed what they want changed in the next season of the renovation series.

Dream Home's final three teams.
Dream Home viewers have demanded a major change in the show’s yet-to-be-announced second season following Sunday night’s finale. Photo: Channel Seven

Dream Home viewers have called out a “ridiculous” detail in Sunday night’s final episode and demanded a major change in the show’s yet-to-be-announced second season. After seven weeks of show-stopping renovations, the reality show ended with brothers Rhys and Liam winning the title and receiving $100,000 off their mortgage.

While fans were thrilled with the result, many people took to social media to share their annoyance with the show’s judges Lana Taylor, Rosie Morley, and Simon Cohen. Viewers were frustrated by the trio’s commentary during the final judging and described them as “walking contradictions” because of how different their critiques were of one team compared to another.

“Well that was great. But please @Channel7 if you do another series get new judges,” one person wrote.

“Never ever again let these three near a judging competition… Don’t like dark fences, want dark fences, small fire pit okay, this one not. Absolute contradictions and have no idea about practicality,” another added.


“Hang on she blasted dark fence before, now she wants one… make up your mind you ridiculous judge,” a third remarked.

“Are these judges for real? We don’t like dark fences at the girls, then at the boys with a white fence… l wish it was dark,” someone else replied. “Don’t get me started with the fire pits. For supposed experts they are absolute rubbish. Walking contradictions. Get new ones next time.”

“The more these judges talk bulls**t, the more I feel like throwing something at the TV,” a different user commented, followed by another who said, “Don’t even know who the f**k these people are, but we need new judges next year!”.

Meanwhile, a handful of viewers suggested that the next season should include teams from all around Australia rather than just New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

“Next season #DreamHomeAU needs to have couples from Adelaide and Perth taking part,” one person declared.

Dream Home winners Rhys and Liam.
Fans described champions Rhys and Liam as ‘well-deserved winners’. Photo: Channel Seven

Despite the judge’s controversial comments, fans agreed that they made the right decision to crown Rhys and Liam as this year’s winners.

“Congratulations to the boys. Well-deserved winners!” one viewer shared, with another writing, “Yes! The boys deserve this!”.


“Congratulations Rhys and Liam! Liam gets his dream home and backyard and Rhys gets $100,000 off his loan… win-win to both!!!” someone else commented.

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