Drew Barrymore amazed by Leonardo DiCaprio's party lifestyle

Drew Barrymore is amazed Leonardo DiCaprio is still partying hard at the age of 48
The actress is a year younger than 'The Wolf of Wall Street' star at 47 and she's impressed that Leo has seemingly managed to keep up a busy social life well into his late 40s as he's regularly pictured enjoying himself on yachts in exotic destinations.
During a chat with singer Sam Smith on 'The Drew Barrymore Show', she said: " I love that he's still clubbing, you know ... goes on yachts ... "
Drew then made a reference to the lyrics of Sam's saucy song 'Unholy', adding: "He goes to the body shop, I bet."
Sam then called the actor a "naughty boy" and Drew added: "I know, and I love it".
Drew gave up booze several years ago after her "messy" 2016 divorce from Will Kopelman sent her on a downward spiral of boozing.
The actress told People magazine she became too reliant on alcohol to lift her mood, saying: "It just took me down. It was just trying to ... feel good – and alcohol totally did that for me. “The drinking thing for me was a constant, like, ‘You cannot change. You are weak and incapable of doing what’s best for you. You keep thinking you will master this thing, and it’s getting the better of you’.
“After the life I planned for my kids didn’t work out... it was a messy, painful, excruciating walk-through-the-fire-and-come-back-to-life kind of trajectory."
She previously opened up about her decision to quit drinking in an essay published in her ‘Drew’ magazine, writing: "One of the bravest things you can do is slay those dragons and finally change an awful cycle in which you’ve found yourself stuck.
"[I have] finally become free of the torture of guilt and dysfunction."